How Much Money Can You Save By Quitting Smoking?

If you are one of those who cannot yet decide to quit smoking then this article is for you – it will show you how much money you would save if you did not smoke and might make you quit smoking soon enough to smoking money would be diverted to some more serious and noble purpose of life.

Money saved and divert more serious purpose of life! 

money saved

Not all cigarette prices are displayed in the same way

Interestingly, the price of the same cigarette varies considerably across the world. It is not even necessary to compare countries in order for prices to differ significantly, as they can vary dramatically across different regions of a country. For example, the cheapest cigarettes are in Virginia and Missouri, where one pack of cigarettes costs an average of $ 5.25, while in New York the same cigarette costs an average of $ 12.85. According to American statistics, 68% of smokers smoke less than one sachet a day, 31% smoke one sachet and 1% smoke more than one sachet a day. Based on these data, it is estimated that each smoker smokes an average of 10 cigarettes per day.

For those who live in the cheapest countries

If a smoker lives in the aforementioned Virginia or Missouri, smoking 10 cigarettes a day would cost him $ 18 a week, $ 78 a month and $ 958 a year. If this money spent on smoking were to be invested, for example, in a savings account with an average annual rate of 8%, the savings would be $ 14,988 in 10 years, $ 52,169 in 20 years, and $ 117,207 in 30 years. , but after 40 years, $ 268,030. Isn’t it impressive?

When it comes to the benefits of smoking cessation, it is also a health issue. According to many studies, one week of non-smoking increases life by 12 hours and 50 minutes. In one year the life of an ex-smoker is extended by a whole 3 weeks!

For those who invest large sums of money in smoking

money cash

If the smoker also lives in the already mentioned expensive New York and costs $ 12.85 per pack of cigarettes a day, the money savings are even more significant. If a New York smoker quit, he would save $ 44 a week, $ 192 a month, and $ 2,345 a year. If such money were invested in the same 8% savings account, the savings would be $ 36,688 in 10 years, $ 115,896 in 20 years, $ 286,901 in 30 years, and $ 656,086 in 40 years. These numbers seem to be a great motivator for quitting smoking.

There are also indeterminate costs

Many workers are unpaid, and smokers with chronic smoking-related illnesses, such as respiratory disease or even lung cancer, are at greater risk of losing a significant number of working days than non-smokers, and thus of pay.

Even workers who get paid for their illness have financial problems related to smoking. Currently, it is illegal to discriminate against employees on the grounds of smoking, but this does not prevent employers from circumventing the existing system by other methods. According to a recent Forbes magazine, many employers plan not to hire candidates who will be tested for nicotine in their blood and urine tests, and to penalize existing employees for smoking in the workplace, even while in their car.

Quitting smoking is not easy, as you know, but considering how much smoking costs you, it may become easier, and if you have to borrow money to cover your desire to quit, is it worth thinking about quitting?

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