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Loans without declared income . Help, where is my declared income? I need the money now. What do I do? You can be sure – many of the lenders on this site offer loans even if you do not have a declared income. The only requirement is that you have access to your E-signing. You legitimize yourself with your BankID.

When you apply for a loan today

When you apply for a loan today

It is almost only possible to have an E-signing loan. The reason they don’t need to see your annual statement and other annoying documents is that when you apply, you authorize the lender to do a credit report on you. The only thing they are really interested in is to see if you are registered as a bad payer in one of the Swedish debt registers.

Even if you do not have any declared income from the previous tax year, you may have recently received permanent employment and today have a well-paid job. Then you can most likely apply for a loan with no declared income. If you can present an employment contract and proof that you have an employment, then you should reasonably be able to get a loan without declared income. You may need to ask the lender to do a manual credit assessment and it is important that you can demonstrate a good ability to pay.

The mortgage companies buy access to the Good Finance and debt register


where they can see if a potential customer is registered as a bad payer. Your e-signing works as a digital signature and therefore most lenders are not interested in unnecessary paperwork.

Therefore, you can borrow up to 20,000 with most Swedish lenders today without having to show payroll. There are loan offers that allow you to borrow up to USD 50,000 and as long as you have your e-ID you can get a loan without declared income. Try applying for a loan with no declared income.

If you are interested in finding a loan with no declared income, you may find a lender in our compilation. Contact the lender and declare that you are interested in a loan with no declared income and see what they require for their borrowers. Even if you did not work the year before, much may have changed in a year. if you just got a job then your declared income for this year has not been recorded.

Loans without declared income should only be taken if you have a current salary, pension or sickness benefit. You need to have a good repayment ability to borrow money. Especially if you are looking for a loan with no declared income.

Loans without declared income and security?

Loans without declared income and security?

All our partners offer you to borrow money without collateral. This means that you should not guarantee the amount borrowed using your assets. Otherwise, you usually guarantee a loan, in case you use more traditional channels like your bank or credit institution. The banks have become much more cautious since the credit crisis started and it is usually not possible to obtain loans without collateral. If you have a good ability to pay, your chances of getting a loan with no declared income increase.

The bank does not need to claim declared income if you apply for money but they often require you to come in for a meeting and discuss what the borrowed money is set aside for. If you are applying for a loan onlkine then you do not need to visit any bank office and explain your financial situation. The entire application process can be completed online from your laptop, mobile or tablet. You can apply for a loan with no declared income anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

Therefore, many people today prefer to borrow money online instead of their own bank because it is a much more flexible and faster process than it would have been with the bank.

The days when you could just call the “man on the bank” are over. The loan process has become much more automated and individual bank advisors no longer have the same opportunity to approve loans as they had before the credit crisis showed its “cruel face”.

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